Short Extracts: Poetic Obedience

“I took it from her. Without haste. Truly exquisite in taste, I might add.”


Shipwrecked make-up. Eyes bled black.

Looking up to me, striving to please me.

Chrome bracing regulations. Dedication in-tact.

Her declaration to complete me. Virtue to unpack.

No hesitation, she would satisfy my cravings.

Behavior reinforced. Skin-proof engravings.

Gazing down upon her, in demand of her all.

To give in to me. Relinquish her innocence.

Let chastity fall. Unaware imminence.


“An untapped thirst, I wasn’t without second helpings. Exceptionally ripe.”


Original Copyright © 2018 by KalifornicationX.




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