About The Author

It would seem almost contradictory to the justification of this blog if it didn’t feature an About Me page which isn’t truly representative of who I am, or in the least bit sarcastic as to exaggerate my own sense of strange self-awareness as I currently type this out.

Would it be okay if I were to simply cut and paste my Instagram bio? That okay with you? Probably, probably not. Well that’s great, at least we’re on the same page. Yes, the exact same page.

Illustrator|Writer|Bourbon Sipper. – I may not go down in history but I’ll probably go down on your sister. All original copyright work. © [London]

Without the 150 character count of the aforementioned platform, I’m also a writer as part of my profession, but that life, for all intensive purposes will remain entirely anonymous. With that being said, you could consider this space to be my own private – yet public available to visit – piss pot of thoughts – words of an unadulterated cesspool nature of disgust and sometimes amusing truths and observations. For the most part I write about life, lust and love, usually in the form of poetry – along with the occasional satire surrounding hipsters and coffee shop clichés.

Sharing of my work through social media is allowed. Go ahead and share with your friends. The more disgusted the better.

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