The Library

The word “Categories” is far too cliché for my liking. Almost every blog has a page called categories, aimed for easier navigation for the genres of works which the author focuses on. I find the word “Library” to be much more appealing. To the left – that’s right, look to the left – you shall see the categories which my works are divided amongst.

Life & Satire: Insults and observations of the very things I find entertaining, be they for better or for worse. Here you’ll find a great number of works dedicated to the the hipster personality, stereotype vegans, aspects of culture and love, as well as the differences in modern lifestyles. Also, there’s a lot of words about fucking. In fact, every category involves fucking.

Short Extracts: Short works of fiction and poetry mostly about lust, love, romance, and erotica.

The Manuscript: Where I was, where I am, forever writing where I’ll be. The writer’s tragedy left for the reader to decipher.