Shorts Extracts: Cigars and Submission

Purging the last of the flames from an unfinished cigar; barely lit, his haste took priority. Ashes now filled the glass-cut ashtray, stains so dishevelled with minimal clarity. A reflection captures his sight…

Footsteps in the doorway. A silhouette of diluted temptation drips an ice cold sweat, abusing old heels staggering over to the bed. Strings loosen abrasively as straps kiss the hardwood floor. Worn makeup runs her skin; adhering the curves of a body relished in sin. “Take your time” he said – unlocking the harsh leather neck brace to the chain he clenched so rigorously. As the rush she desired would no doubt punish her stature as it would pleasure her mind.

Much like the intoxication he dismissed without regret, his intentions for her duties would follow the same path. For they were one of the same; pleasures of a man, by all means disposable. And no man regrets a true pleasure.


Original Copyright © 2017 by KalifornicationX.

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