Short Extracts: Soul Articulation

At one with his thirst he devours her sadistically. Each and every time, cravings intensified. His soul articulates her existence. 


Your heart beats for me.
Like a relentless branch knocking at my window
on a stormy night I release my grip on the sheets.
Burning my skin, my veins set alight.
As though a raging wind were howling through
the cracks within the walls. Intensely screeching.
Scratchings at the stone.
“Let me in”
So I respond in kind. Governed by instinct.
Walking over to the glass through the comfort
of blackness I feel overwhelming power.
Feeding my flesh as she contributes my strength.
I undo the latch. I open my lips.
“Come to me”
And with a strike of lightning surging through me relentlessly.
Pulsing severely. Trembling through the veins of my body
you’re like thunder. I shake.
“Feel me like I feel you”


Forever unified. A space of visual impairment. Time crawled to a halt.
Her soul provides peace for his existence.


Original Copyright © 2018 by KalifornicationX.

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