Short Extracts: Reflections

Wolves are known to display their fangs as an initial warning sign, eluding to threaten their prey. Smiling at her with all teeth laid bare, the predator recalls the retaliation of his own inner demons running rampant through her mind…


Through my own selfish intentions which pursued only her flesh, emotions shaded by illusions blinded me from truth. Adhering the prescriptive traits to that of an addict I found myself craving her – extensively, ruthlessly – driving myself mad with carnivorous instincts – nothing but primal impulses flowing through my veins. Where desire became need, the need almost felt like survival. Lusting for her body. Just a small taste, one to satisfy my urges in the moment of madness.

Haunted by my own dishonesty I couldn’t care less for the thoughts or feelings where her mind was concerned. Only her physical prominence, yielding to my dominance. Nothing more, nothing less. To undress – shred her attire to pieces, teeth embedded in her neck until there’s nothing less. For I to have my way, ruin her from the inside out where she lay. Let sweat run her skin, have her leak to the penetration of my sins.
Hermosa caldera.

Viciously and without rest. I bring about the demise of her stature. Staining my own inner demons to the tissue of her very existence they latch to her. Without struggle. Unable to withstand she lives in submission to her desires. And much like my own, the pain which accompanies her encourages without any form of emotion. Waging war with a mirror, I question how I could have allowed this to come to pass.

Imprinted characteristics, a living, breathing reflection which craves the same thirst to that of my own. Monsters we are, victims of our own temptations and corruptions we bare the same curse. I’ll hurt her. And she’ll like it. So she responds in kind.


Fuck. An Immovable object. An unstoppable force. He retracts his teeth.


Original Copyright © 2018 by KalifornicationX.

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