Promesa (Promise)

Suggested by the incredible GraciaCastro who wrote the astonishing poetry NUNCA (NEVER), the poem written below serves as a response piece – words put forth by the implied entity which is presented in the original.

See me through all sin, let go of Dystopia.
Within my own phobia, I’m hauntingly compelled. 
I still hear your whispers, nothing goes unheard.
Eternally bound – we transcend common words.
I walk alongside you. Baby steps incrementally.
During the hours of the night, do you envision me?
Twists and turn, spread your fingers through linen.
Never will I leave. Memories may fade.
Kiss you goodnight – my warmth is still missing.
Now an empty print, touch where I laid.

Just make me a promise. Keep US in your thoughts – not me.
Soulmates you and I. Never will I leave.


Original Copyright © 2017 by KalifornicationX.

NUNCA (NEVER) is available to read at GraciaCastro.
Please show appreciation and visit her blog.


8 thoughts on “Promesa (Promise)

      1. I have been without sex now in like FOREVER!!!!
        (forever = 2 weeks)
        Tomorrow I get a veritable banquet of sex, I am probably going to have to blog about it but not until I slightly recover 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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