Short Extracts: Why. Oh. You.

Anything and everything – nothing more, nothing less. Only you…  

I’m the exception that cares more for the destination than the journey. Fuck the walk.
I don’t care how we get there, so long as we get there, so long as it’s you.
It’s always been about you.

And I’d gladly walk to the ends of the earth and back with nothing but you in my arms, while the stones and rocks bring ruin to my feet. I’ll endure for you.
But it’s got to be you.

Say that back to me even if you don’t mean it. How could you? I’m limitless in my feeling towards you. Listen. You. Oh. Why. Oh. You.

Do you place my frost-veiled heart in such a rigorous space of existence where you’re the centre of my pitiful existence? Justified by you, I’m not worthy of your existence.

So when I say each and every word I write is either for about her – the manuscript of your tragedy you’ve heard this somewhere before. Countless letters never sent, imprinted in my mind, licked and sealed they’re addressed to you.

Paper cuts haunt me. Fuck. Ruined. Endure. But it’s got to be you.


Original Copyright © 2017 by KalifornicationX.


23 thoughts on “Short Extracts: Why. Oh. You.

  1. I absolutely loved this but I have to tell you my friend…I LOVE the journey!!
    My destination is forever changing, I hope I do not reach my destination until I am OLDER than dirt!!

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      1. I have every intention of living until I am older than dirt and I have a very good reason for it!! Let me know if you want to hear my reason why?! It’s a tale worth telling 🙂

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      2. Okay the short version right here. I have lost a LOT of family members, my sister when she was 27, my brother at 39, my other sister at 49 and my Dad just a couple of years ago. That leaves just me, my Mum and my youngest sister who is the baby of the family. Every time a member of my family dies their ashes are buried in my parents back yard and my sister gets their name tattooed on her shoulder.
        I elicited a promise from my kids that they will NOT bury my ashes in the backyard, I told them I would prefer to be flushed down the toilet.
        But I have told my Baby sister that I plan on living until I am at the very least 90 years old so that when I die she can be 80 years old going to get a tattoo of my name on her shoulder. She told me she would be all wrinkly, I told her that is no excuse and if she doesn’t do it I will haunt her!!

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