Love and Corruption: The Daughters of Men.

Plato once said that the measure of a man is what he does with power. Carrying a literal reference to men, along with all the stereotypes and traditional roles surroundings the characteristics of our genders, most would take this understanding of power to mean strength, courage, or authority. Love – while present, is by no means a consideration. Strength isn’t dependent upon the fragility of emotions. The unpredictability which comes with such feelings may corrupt a man’s strength.

Such aspects of human nature are best reserved for women – as they raise the sons and daughters of men, the former of the two will receive minimal affection as his role in society will one day require his strength once the father’s power can no longer be measured. Confidence will flow through his veins because of this, as it should. As empowering as this can be, it is best reserved for his strength – fuel to the fire – a requirement of his power which will encourage his warriors during the intensity of war. And they will be measured also, but not by their numbers, rather by their strength – their power.

Raised by the cold shoulder of fathers and the hidden comforts of mothers, every man believes himself to be the strongest, the most powerful…until he falls in love with a woman. That’s when he knows he’s at his most vulnerable. Powerless. Feelings so deep a life from before is simply unacceptable, while a life without is far too painful to imagine. Love. That which empowers has the greatest capability to destroy. Strength? Simultaneously building and breaking down every wall that man may dare to construct, this power can be corruptive. Strength or love?

As the saying goes; power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. And if fear is in anyway an indication of corruption, the fear of loving may in fact be the true measurement for what a man does with power. For the power itself is in no way linked to physical strength nor the aspects of one’s gender roles surrounding courage and authority. Love? Absolution is never without corruption. How far would a man be willing to go for love? Measure the scale at which it brings him absolution, with the fears of losing it being his lowest form of corruption.


Original Copyright © 2017 by KalifornicationX.

13 thoughts on “Love and Corruption: The Daughters of Men.

  1. The only time in my life I had “authority” was as a teacher, and to be frank I’m actually a better person as a teacher than I am in regular life. It’s like I put on my teacher’s hat and this sense of responsibility settles down on me. I’m more patient, more cheerful, and even more tactful.


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