Short Extracts: Where Infatuation Meets Obsession

Crossing the line of attraction he found himself obsessed. Now dependent upon her company, there were no words nor actions he wasn’t willing to undergo – devoted to her needs, manipulation overthrew him…

She fucked my ideals and beliefs, not too long thereafter she came on my hopes and dreams. Drowning in a climax of lies I found the initial thrill most attractive. Like a raging hunger we were drawn to each other; a continuous lust, I was infatuated. Appeasing every crave, succumbing to every urge – fulfilling every need, a taste to be purged.

Where I inhaled, she would exhale. Where I fell for tricks, she would sleigh both hands. She was contagious and I was infected. Yet, despite her departure I still feel connected. With my purpose now in question I’m no longer full. Hence, the words now stumbling – fourth wall cracked – they’re coming to a crawl.

…In the arms of another he’s now at peace. But as with all loves – for better or for worse – he’s simultaneously haunted and charmed by mere sensations and memories.


Original Copyright © 2017 by KalifornicationX.


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